July 2018

In July, we returned to Colorado for High Ground, Autodesk held a conference, we bought a Tesla, and went to the Cove at Sea Ranch. It was a busy month.

High Ground

Care and Jon went to Buena Vista, CO for the annual High Ground un-conference at Mike and Kathy McCoy's. Randy and Lisa went with us to participate in the conference. On Saturday afternoon we hiked the old railroad grade from McCoys down into town. It is supposed to be a 6 mile hike but we took the wrong trail and it ended up being 8 1/2 miles. Jon's knees did fine but his feet hurt like crazy.

High Ground Panorama

Photo courtesy Hugh Graham

High Ground Panorama

Photo courtesy Randy Swearer

High Ground Group Photo

Photo courtesy Richard Barnes

Mountains Hikers

Photos courtesy Randy Swearer

Hikers Clouds

Photos courtesy Randy Swearer

Lisa Audience
Lisa Cute Couple

Photo courtesy Mike McCoy

Lisa Tucker Catherine

Photos courtesy Janet Abrams

Kathy Mike Randy
John Harry Chris
Lucille Lisa

Tesla Factory Tour

Care and Jon took a tour of the Tesla Factory in Fremont, CA. We were joined by Jon's Autodesk colleagues Erin and Scott. It was cool to see a company with such purpose - to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy - and how they are changing the way cars are made. It was also cool seeing cars manufactured in the U.S. - in a high cost state like California, no less. They don't allow photos inside so we only have outside photos and photos from the showroom of a nice red Tesla model S. You can read Scott Sheppard's blog post about our tour (not)!

Tesla Front Tesla Entry
Tesla Factory Tesla Model S
Tesla Mobile Charger Tesla Charging Port

Ideas Driving Change: Future of Learning

Jon's team put on a syposium/workshop in the Autodesk Gallery on the Future of Learning. Mickey facilitated, Randy organized and we had a world-class set of participants, including brief interludes by Andrew (Autodesk CEO) and Mayor Libby Schaff of Oakland.


Photos courtesy Autodesk

Andrew Mayor Libby Schaff JSB and Marco


Jon traded in his 2013 Audi TT Roadster for a new 2018 Tesla Model S 100D.

TT Roadster 2018 Tesla S
2018 Tesla S 2018 Tesla S
2018 Tesla S 2018 Tesla S
2018 Tesla S 2018 Tesla S
2018 Tesla S 2018 Tesla S
2018 Tesla S 2018 Tesla S

Sea Ranch

The last weekend in July, we went to The Cove at Sea Ranch. It was smoky all over the north bay but not on the coast. We had a nice, sunny weekend. Jon tried out his drone - see videos below.

Misty Cove Beach
Beach Hiker with Sox

Drone videos coming....