February 2018

The pace picked up in February, Jon planned the big SLAM event, the first for our new CEO, Andrew. After SLAM, we went to Maui for a week of sun and exploration. We had temperatures in the 80s with only one day of rain. We came home over President's day weekend to a cold snap.


Jon got a DJI Mavic Pro drone for Christmas and has been learing to fly it. He took the test and added part 107 UAS certificate. This means less restrictive rules than for a hobbist drone pilot. So far, airplane piloting skills are coming in handy and the drone technology is incredibly good, way better than my first drone. Here is the drone and some hi resolution pictures taken from the drone hovering above our front yard. Lyra looks with concern at the drone hovering 5' outside her window.

Mavic Pro Mavic Pro
Neighborhood from 100' Neighborhood from 100'
Neighborhood from 100' Neighborhood from 100'
Lyra watching Our house


Jon organized and ran a meeting of Autodesk senior leaders at the Clarement Hotel in Berkeley. The meeting was good but the view from the hotel was fabulous.

View from the Claremont Sunset
Sunrise View from the Claremont

Maui - Wailea

After SLAM, we went to Maui. We stayed at the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea. We had only been to Maui once before for an afternoon (literally fly in and fly out) so we took a week to enjoy and explore. The hotel was nice but very crowded. We were there the week before President's day and thought it might be a slow week, but the hotel was fully booked. We at at Spagos and Ferraros at the Four Seasons and Morimoto, Monkeypod, Sansei (a favorite from the big Island), and Ka'ana Kitchen off the hotel property. The beach was a public beach and there was a nice pathway along the beach that went in front of all of the resorts. We were able to walk to dinner at the Ka'ana Kitchen.

Just arrived in Maui Four Seasons
Pool Tranquility Pool - anything but tranquil
View from Tranquility Pool The beach - more tranquil
Care on the beach Shore
Maui Shore Hotel from down the beach
Four Seasons Beach
Four Seasons Care on the Beach
Neighboring Hotel Care at the pool

Maui - Pa'ia

After some pool time, we ventured out - for lunch at Mama's Fish House in Pa'ia. The setting -- right by the ocean -- was fabulous and the restauant itself was funky. Unfortunately the food was mediocre and the service was slooooooow. This is a crowed place, hard to get reservations and a wait if you are a walk-in. I wish I could say it was worth the wait - but, unfortunately, that is not the case.

North Shore North Shore
Pa'ia Pa'ia
Tourist North Shore
Mamas Mamas
Tourist Mamas

Maui - Haleakala

After Mama's we thought we'd drive thorough upcountry Maui to the Haleakala Crater - from sea level to 10,000 feet up above the tree line. Unfortunately we were delayed enough at Mama's that we got up the mountain as the clouds were coming in. We drove in the clouds and could only see a few feet in front of the car - it was driving in IMC (aviation term for flying in the clouds). We abandoned our quest. The next morning we got up and the top of the mountain looked clear so we booked up the mountain to a successful result this time. We got to the top , with an initial stop at the Leleiwi Overlook, about 11am and headed down after spending some time. As we headed down, we saw the clouds roll in once again.

Leleiwi Overlook Leleiwi Overlook
Leleiwi Overlook Leleiwi Overlook
Leleiwi Overlook Leleiwi Overlook
The Peak The Peak
Observatory Care@Top
Haleakala Haleakala

Maui - Hana

We drove the famous road to Hana. It was a beautiful drive, with lots of other people doing the drive so we did not stop a lot for photos. The only other time I have been to Hana, I did a touch and go at theHana Airport on a flight around the islands.

Hana Hana
Hana Hana
Hana Hana
Hana Hana

Maui - Iao

We drove up the Iao Valley. Unfortunately, much of the valley was closed to hiking due to storm damage but we at least got a taste of what it was like by walking up to the first overlook.

Iao Valley Iao Valley
Iao Valley Iao Valley

Maui - Lahaina

We drove up the touristy west coast of Maui to Lahaina, which was a really touristy town but we had a really nice dinner at the Lahaina Grill.

Lahaina Lahaina