March 2018

March began with an offsite for Jon's new team (reorganized in November). He had his one year anniversary of knee surgery and his surgeon was pleased with recovery and said to come back in four years unless there is a problem. As the weather improved, Jon began to master the drone he got for Christmas - both flying and using as a photography platform.

Team Offsite

March 1-2, Jon's team held an offsite at Pier 9. Kerry Ann was still on medical leave but she did join us for one afternoon and the dinner. Andrew, our new CEO, came the morning of March 2 and gave us his perspective on Autodesk and the team. Although some of the old team members are part of the new team, this was a very different team than Jon had last year.

The team

Photo courtesy Hilmar Koch

offsite Mickey

Photos courtesy Shaan Hurley

Team Andrew
Team Scott

Left photo courtesy Jeremy Carter, right courtesy Shaan Hurley

artifacts artifacts

Photos courtesy Hilmar Koch

Team Dinner

As part of our offsite, the evening of March 1 we went to Jordan's Kitchen, in the Mission, where we got a cooking lesson, team building and a fabulous dinner.

Our kitchen The table

Photos courtesy Hilmar Koch

Wine and Cheese Jordan Lisa and Jon

Left 2 photos courtesy Hilmar Koch, right courtesy Scott Sheppard

Jordan Attention

Photos courtesy Hilmar Koch

Assembly Line Hillmar and KA
Appetizer Lisa

Photos courtesy Hilmar Koch

Meat Salad

Photos courtesy Hilmar Koch

Meat Radha

Photos courtesy Shaan Hurley

Grill Dinner Mick

Photos courtesy Jeremy Carter, Shaan Hurley, and Hilmar Koch

Radha Desert

Photos courtesy Scott Sheppard

Drone Videos

Jon began to master the DJI Mavic Pro drone he got for Christmas by flying over the house and neighborhood. The drone is very easy to control and the camera is phenomenal. Now he needs to master and blend flying and cinematographic technique, as well as video editing. In these videos, the drone flies straight up from the back patio and front driveway, takes a look around the neighborhood, and lands.

Knees - One Year After

On March 6, 2017, Jon had bilateral total knee replacments. One year later, he is doing well. His surgeon said he did not need to come back for a checkup for four years.

Left Right
Front View Knee Caps